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For Home

What you can expect with every product made with Tritan

  • Long-lasting clarity
  • Stain resistance
  • Durability
  • Odor resistance
  • Shatter resistance
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • A style to suit yours
  • Available in many different colors
  • Glass-like appeal


Products made with Tritan™ give you the look and style of glass, with superior durability and shatter resistance. That’s why Tritan is found in some of your favorite brands of BPA-free drinkware. Whether you’re looking for BPA-free cups, tumblers or drinking glasses — if it’s made with Tritan, it’s clearly better.

Williams Industry logo
Tzeng Shyng logo
Tfee Straw
TazaTaza, drinkware, glasses
SmashSmash, drinkware
PlakiraPlakira, drinkware
Ogapora — Barware
Nani Drinkware
Mizseimizsei, drinkware
Merrit International — Barware
LipLidz Logo
Libbey Drinkware and Barware
LeadingWare Group
Drink in the Box
Drinique® — Barware
Clarus® Dishes and Salad Bowls — Serveware
BarLuxe — Barware
Ad n Art Drinkware

Food Containers

Clear food containers made with Tritan are made to last — without leaving any lasting reminders of what you put in them. Safe food containers made with Tritan are dishwasher-safe and stand up to repeated dishwasher use. So they’re perfect for packing last night’s baked ziti for tomorrow’s lunch.

Vacucraft® logo
Titan Containers
TCITCI, food containers
Sinomesinome, food storage, fresh life
Rubbermaid® logo
Michael Graves Design® logo
LustroLustro, food storage
Lock n Lock, housewares
Komax, food container
Kinetic logo
JCPJCP, food storage
Contain This!® logo
Clearlock food storage
black + blum logo

Infant Care

From BPA-free baby bottles to BPA-free sippy cups, products made with Tritan™ are safe for your family. And not only are they safe, they’re durable — able to withstand being thrown, dropped or being tossed in the dishwasher.

Thermos® logo
Tender Flo tender flo, infant care, baby bottle
RaZbaby® logo
NUK® logo
Lolly Baby logo
IvoryIvory, infant care
Drink in the Box InfantCare
BloombabyBloombaby, infant care, baby bottles
Baby Dipper® logo
Baby Brezza® logo

Serving Dishes

Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or having a backyard barbecue, serving dishes made with Tritan™ fit in seamlessly. Serving dishes and utensils made with Tritan are stylish enough for holiday meals and durable enough to withstand being dropped outside. So whatever your event — Tritan from Eastman is clearly the better choice.

Polar Pitcher® — Serveware
PinnaclePinnacle, serving, dishes
Mastrad® logo
Light My Fire® logo
Creative Bath® logo
Clarus® logo
Chicago Metallic™ logo
Beer Tubes™  — Beverage Dispenser

Small Appliances

From stylish blenders to durable food processers, small appliances made with Tritan™ are a perfect fit for your home. Designed to be more durable than glass and more stylish, too — and if you don’t believe us, see why others think Tritan from Eastman is clearly better.

Wolfgang Puck® Blender— Commercial Blender
Vitamix® — Commercial Blender
PensonicPensonic, small appliances, kitchen
OmegaOmega, small appliances
Ninja® logo
Magic Bullet Logo
Kuvings, small appliance
GreenisGreenis, Small Appliances
Ferranoferrano, small appliance
Dualit® logo
Cuisinart® logo
Breville® logo
BonJour® logo
Blendtec® logo

Water Bottles

Whether you’re climbing Mount McKinley or going for a Saturday afternoon bike ride, BPA-free sports bottles made with Tritan™ are the perfect choice. They’re tough, durable and dishwasher-safe. So you can toss them in your bag or in the dishwasher and not worry about damaging them.

Zing AnythingZing Anything, water bottle
UZSpaceuzspace, water bottle
Unibottunibott, water bottle
Thermos® logo
SmashSmash, water bottle
RoveRove, water bottle
RolaseRolase, water bottle
Relax water bottles
OpusOPUS, water bottle
Nathan® logo
Nalgene® logo
MoikitMoikit, smart water bottle, smart cup
Mighty Mug Logo
KOR® logo
KeywayKeyway, water bottle
JuNiki's Double Neck Water Bottle
Hydros® logo
Happy HomeHappy Home, water bottle
GyennoGyenno, water bottles
Gobie® logo
FerranoFerrano, water bottles
Define Bottle
Cool Gear® logo
ChahuajjChahuajj, water bottle
CamelBak® logo
Aladdin® logo
Ad n Art Water Bottles